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Working With Ashleigh

I get it - you have a chronic issue, an acute pain, want to develop better core stability, or dream of better breathing.

How do you find the right person to help with all of that?

Where Do You Start?

At The Flow Chart!


Here's What to Expect

Whether you are coming to me with an acute pain, an athletic goal, or a chronic issue, we always start at the same place:


Assessing how well you breathe. 


If you’re on Zoom, I’ll guide you through this with palpation instructions, what to look for, etc. You should wear loose clothing and have room to move around and lie down.


If I’m at the barn with you, I’m still going to guide you to do this; the more you understand, the better you’ll be when I’m not at your side.


We then proceed to postural awareness cues, rehabbing dysfunctional breathing, and retraining motor control (brain-to-muscle communication) through an active maneuver called a “pendulum.”


Once your treatment protocol is set, I record you doing all these pieces and parts so you have them forever to reference. 


You’ll also get written notes, an accountability check-list, and the option to have check-ins with me at two-week intervals. With Zoom appointments, I’m going to send you the recording of our entire session, as well. 


I STRONGLY encourage you to stay in touch with me! I’m in this field and creating this business because I a) believe in what I do and b) really, really, really want to help you! And c) recognize we can’t do these things alone; we need support. Let me be your navigator and cheerleader.

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